Volunteers Needed to Assist in First Nations Schools in the North of Canada

Teach English Abroad

Teach English in Canada

CITY: North Canada
START DATE: early September, 2013
SALARY: Living allowance of $50 a week for pocket money.

Frontiers Foundation is a federally chartered non-profit charitable organization that has been assisting First Nations communities since 1968. To do this we recruit volunteers from around the world to come to Canada and assist in remote, mainly First Nations, schools as tutors and teaching assistants. Our volunteers work with the school staff to assist those students who need extra help to improve their grades and remain in school.

Our projects work around the school year and begin in early September and continue through to the end of June, a commitment of close to ten months.

If you were to apply and be accepted to join our programme Frontiers Foundation would cover your travel within Canada to and from the project location. Our volunteers from outside of Canada have to cover their own travel to and from Canada. We also cover all of the volunteer’s food and living expenses, provide winter clothing, insurance, and a living allowance of $50 a week for pocket money.

This is a truly unique opportunity to live in the north of Canada and to experience life in a remote, First Nations, community.

We are looking for outgoing, motivated, energetic, volunteers with a strong and genuine desire to learn about another culture and to experience some amazing opportunities.

If you wish to receive more information please check out our website at http://northernfrontiers.org/ or email Don Irving at [email protected]

Thank you very much for your continuing support, Dave.

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