Volunteers Needed to Assist as Tutors and Teaching Assistants in First Nations Communities in the North of Canada

Teach English Abroad

Teach English in Canada

START DATE: late August,2014
SALARY: $50 a week

Frontiers Foundation is a federally chartered non-profit charity that provides international groups of volunteers to small, First Nations, communities in the Northwest Territories of Canada to assist in community schools. Our volunteers assist in many different ways including helping as tutors, teaching assistants, working with special needs students, and helping in specific areas such as computer instruction, art, music, etc. The volunteers would be expected to commit to the full school year, from late August through to the end of June, a commitment of close to ten months.
Frontiers Foundation would cover all of the volunteer’s travel within Canada to and from the project location. Volunteers from outside of Canada are expected to cover their travel to and from Canada and we will pick up the travel within Canada. We also cover all of the volunteer’s food and living expenses, insurance, provide winter clothing, and provide a small stipend of $50 a week for pocket money.

Volunteers needed.

If you would like to receive more information please email Don Irving at frontwest@shaw.ca