UAE Military Training Consulting Company Requires Additional Teachers for ESL Courses

Teach English Abroad

Teach English in UAE

START DATE: 20 August 2014
SALARY: 22,000 AED monthly

Typical 40-hour work-week including day and/or evening shifts. Duties include but are not limited to: course preparation, lesson planning, instructional prep and admin duties. A high use of English Language software and multimedia programs will be involved and therefore mastery of the computer is essential.

Salary 22,000 AED monthly or greater
Monthly housing allotment is provided in addition to salary.
Travel: Incoming and outgoing flight ticket to home of record.
Medical: Local medical insurance plus travel insurance.

1. Bachelor’s or higher
2. Native American English speaker (Born in USA or Canada)
3. ESL teaching certificate (CELTA preferable) and at least 2 years teaching experience.
4. Aviation English, IELTS, ELC, ALCPT or ICAO exam preparation experience is a plus.

Female instructors are strongly encouraged to apply.

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