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Training and certificates can help you stand above other applicants and get the job you want. A quality TEFL, CELTA or TESOL training program  often includes job placement services,  leads to higher levels of pay and ultimately more career opportunities.

Click the links below to find teaching English abroad training courses online and in different regions around the world. There is a large and growing list of TEFL, CELTA and TESOL courses available.

Before deciding on which course to take, search TEFL job listings in the country you hope to teach in. Make sure you take a training course that your future employer will value.

Note: None of these courses are affiliated with YouCanTeachEnglish.com in anyway. We can’t guarantee the quality or legitimacy of any specific program. Please do your research to find a quality school.

South America – TEFL, CELTA and TESOL Courses

South America TEFL Courses
South America TEFL Training Courses

CELTA and TEFL training providers in South America. Schools in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Ecuador and Peru.

Teach English Abroad

Asia/Pacific and Middle East TEFL, CELTA and TESOL Training

Asia PacificTEFL Courses
Asia PacificTEFL Courses

English teacher training courses in Asia, the Pacific and Middle East. Large directory of TEFL, TESOL, CELTA courses in Australia, China, India Thailand, Vietnam and more.

Teach English Abroad

North America TEFL, CELTA and TESOL Courses

North America TEFL Training Courses
North America TEFL Training Courses

English teacher training courses in North America. Large directory of TEFL, TESOL, CELTA courses in Canada, Costa Rica, Mexico and the USA.
Teach English Abroad

Europe TEFL, CELTA and TESOL Training Programs

Europe TEFL Courses
Europe TEFL Courses

English teacher training courses in Europe. Large directory of TEFL, TESOL, CELTA courses in England, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Spain and more.

Teach English Abroad

Africa TEFL and CELTA Training

South Africa TEFL Courses
South Africa TEFL Courses

English teacher training courses in Africa. TEFL and CELTA courses in Egypt and South Africa.

Teach English Abroad

Online TEFL Training Courses

Online TEFL Courses
Online TEFL Courses

Large directory of online only English teacher training courses.

Teach English Abroad


Do you need a TEFL or CELTA Certificate to Teach English Abroad?

One of the most popular questions I receive is whether or not a teaching certificate is required to get a teaching job overseas. Teaching certification is technically not a requirement. You definitely don’t need training to get your work visa, any university degree is generally enough.

However, with competition intensifying for quality teaching jobs around the world, a TEFL certificate with classroom experience is an effective necessity for new teachers.

I started teaching back in 1997. Back then, TEFL or CELTA certificates were helpful for getting promotions and many schools even paid extra for those with training. A quality certification was definitely beneficial, but it wasn’t a requirement.

Now that teaching English has exploded all over the world, and competition for quality English teaching positions is much more competitive, an accredited training program is a practical necessity. Just browse some TEFL jobs for the country to want to teach in. You’ll see that most positions will have at least a TEFL certificate in the requirements section.

While up-and-coming English teaching markets like Indonesia, will have more lax standards, a good TEFL or CELTA Training program will be invaluable. If you already have lots of experience teaching English, you might be able to find a decent employer without certification. As a new teacher, with no teaching history, you’ll have a difficult time finding employment without a TEFL course behind you.

Think of it from an employers point of view. All things being equal, who would you rather hire, someone with a certificate and classroom training versus another person with no training?

In fact, for many university and ESL teaching positions, a master degree is becoming a standard requirement.

Benefits of a good TEFL or CELTA Course

First of all, most TEFL courses can be completed in 4 to 5 weeks, so they are not that arduous. With costs generally in the $1000 to $2000 range, they may be one of the best investments in your future career.

The base training you’ll receive will help you get up to speed much more quickly when you start your new job. Arriving in a strange country and beginning a new life is hard enough without the stress of not knowing how to teach. Make it easy on yourself and invest in some English teaching training in advance.

All good TEFL or CELTA programs will have real classroom practice. This will give you some exposure and insight into what your job will be like. This will make the transition into teaching abroad much, much easier. It can take six months to a year just to start getting comfortable teaching English. Good training will definitely speed that process up.

The best part of signing up with a reputable TEFL or CELTA course provider is that they will assist with your job search. You’ll get advice and help with how to apply and finding the best employers. It’s hard to commit to a teaching position with a foreign company in a strange country. Let your training company help you through the process.

You may even make some great long-term friendships in your teacher trainer course. Going to a foreign country is a lot easier and more fun if you are going with someone you know.

Should you take a TEFL course at home or abroad?

There are TEFL and CELTA training courses all over the world. You can take classroom training in virtually any country, including your teaching destination. So, should you take your TEFL training before you leave, or should you do it abroad?

The primary advantage of doing the TEFL training in your home city is that you’ll be able to complete the training and apply for teaching jobs before you leave your country. It’s nice to have a job and work visa lined up when you arrive in a new country. Once you complete the training and find employment, you won’t have to leave the country and re-enter to validate your new work visa.

The advantage of taking the training abroad is that a local TEFL training school will have much better knowledge of the quality of English teaching positions in that country. They will likely help you find better quality employers. Of course, you will also be in the country to see potential employers first hand so that you’ll know the quality of the school you’ll be working at, the area the school is located in and exactly what type of accommodations you can expect. Committing to a one year contract without meeting your employer and knowing the location of the school can be risky.

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