Teachers and Role Models for our K-10 School for September in Honduras

Teach English Abroad

Teach English in Honduras

START DATE: September 2014
SALARY: $350 ( 7000 Lempira )

Benefits: The benefits that we will be providing for the teachers include:
> 7000 Lempira {$350} monthly stipend
> Comfortable housing located close to the school, with internet and other utilities included
> Our bus is provided for all transportation needs to and from school and to and from the airport
> Visas are covered

We are seeking kind, patient, compassionate, driven, and helpful candidates to come teach our amazing students and integrate into the peaceful community here in Honduras for a 10 month commitment (arriving in late August and leaving in early June).
We look for teachers who appreciate hispanic culture, desire to build relationships in the local community and experience a simplistic and beautiful lifestyle. We are not interested in candidates who use illegal drugs, drink heavily or will bring social drama to our other teachers and school community. We welcome teachers of all faiths and we do not discriminate based on religious beliefs. However we ask that all of the teachers who come join our team will be supportive and respectful of Christian values and the Christian culture here and will not undermine it in their classroom.

If you are seriously interested in applying to teach at our school, please email your resume and a paragraph of intent/interest to nick.maimone@gmail.com I will respond in a timely manner as we have received many applicants in past years.