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Teach English in Vietnam- Cost of Living
Teach English in Vietnam

In Vietnam, the average monthly salary for EFL teachers, based on a 15-25 hour work week, is between VND16,845,000-23,583,000 (US$1000-1400). There is also huge demand for private classes for adults and businessmen, mostly in the evenings or weekends. The hourly rate for these classes is VND 168,450-252,675 (US$10-18).

Accommodation is not difficult to find and prices range from US$200-400 per month, plus about US$30 for utilities. Typically, these rooms are semi furnished with just enough space for one person with minimal belongings.

There is a lot of choice when dining out in Vietnam and prices are reasonable. A budget meal would cost around VND16,845- 50,535 (US$1-3), a moderate meal in the region of VND67,380-134,760 (US$4-8) and meals at high end restaurants are about 673,800 VND (US$40). A bottle of beer costs VND8422-42,112 (US$.50-2.50), depending on the establishment.

In Vietnam, there are various means of traveling around the city.  ‘Cyclos’, or bicycle taxis are cheap and slow, but best when sightseeing. A short ride would cost you less than a dollar. Regular taxis cost VND13,476-16,845 (US$0.80-1) basic fee plus 8,422 VND(US$0.50) per km after 2 kms. Riding a motorcycle taxi is even cheaper. Many people choose to rent motorcycles for as little as VND842,250-1,179,150 (US$50-70) per month.

Visiting a local doctor in Vietnam would cost you VND84,255 (US$5), while international doctors in private hospitals would charge VND336, 900- 1,094,925 (US$20-65). Dentist rates a bit cheaper at VND101,070-202,140 (US$6-12) per visit.

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