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Teach English in Czech Republic
Teach English in Czech Republic

Teach English in Czech Republic (General Information)

If you admire European art or are interested in folk costumes, exquisite cuisine and traditions, then you might want to teach in the Czech Republic. The country is also well known for its impressive architecture, theaters and museums. The demand for English teachers is high in all parts of the country because English competency is required when applying for jobs and for University. …  Read More 

Teach English in Czech Republic (Cost of Living)

The average monthly salary of a teacher in the Czech Republic is around 20,000 CZK (US$1331) for a normal 25 hour work week. There are schools that offer higher salaries depending on  performance and qualifications. Salaries in Prague, can be double that of  small towns. Expect to pay 15-25% of your income in taxes tax depending on your total earnings. …  Read More 

Teach English in Czech Republic (Visa Requirements)

Legally, you need to have a work permit and a residency visa to teach English in the Czech Republic.  Before coming to the Czech Republic, you have to find an employer to issue your work permit.  Then you need to apply for a residence visa. Applying for a Czech visa is a very difficult and time consuming process. It is normal for your application to be delayed, or even rejected several times.  It is advisable to allocate at least six months for the application process. …  Read More