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Legally, you need to have a work permit and a residency visa to teach English in the Czech Republic.  Before coming to the Czech Republic, you have to find an employer to issue your work permit.  Then you need to apply for a residence visa. Applying for a Czech visa is a very difficult and time consuming process. It is normal for your application to be delayed, or even rejected several times.  It is advisable to allocate at least six months for the application process.

Applying for a residence visa must be done outside of the Czech Republic. You can apply in the nearest embassy in your country of origin or do multiple visa runs to nearby countries like Austria or Slovakia to settle all the paperwork.

The two main things that you need when applying for a residence visa are a notarized work permit for the Czech Republic and a signed lease document for the place where you are going to live. All paperwork must be notarized and translated in Czech. Once approved, you will have to go tan an embassy to get your visa.

The residence visa you will receive is job specific. It does not entitle you to work at other companies or in different occupations. If you lose or quit your job you will be required to leave the country within a month and your visa will become invalid.

Many English teachers also come to the country on a tourist visa to look for work and find a place to live. You have the option to visit the Czech Republic for up to three months, to look for work and accommodation. It will likely be easier to find an English teaching job and a suitable place to live this way, but you still have to go through the tedious process of applying for the work and residence visas.

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