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Teach English in Taiwan - General Information
Teach English in Taiwan

If you are thinking about teaching English in a country with a rich culture and outstanding natural beauty, then consider working as an EFL (English as a Foreign Language) teacher in Taiwan. There are abundant teaching opportunities with the thousands of English schools in the region. Potential teachers are likely to land a job in no time upon arrival in Taiwan. Large numbers of teaching jobs are available in private and public schools as well as “cram school” type language centers. Be sure to make inquiries at a variety of teaching institutions because they all vary in the number of teaching hours, salary and benefits.

Taiwanese are known to be warm and friendly to western foreigners. Race issues are almost nonexistent. As a future English teacher it is important to note that Taiwanese are very serious about education. Learning is more focused on rote memorization and drills, and this can be difficult for some foreign teachers to accept.

Personal safety is generally not an issue, Taiwan is a very secure and stable country with a low crime rate.

Also, the country has fascinating nightlife, great department stores, lots of great places to visit and is one of the best destinations to learn about true Chinese culture. Not only that, the climate in Taiwan is pretty good throughout the year.
If you are having trouble deciding on what country to teach English in, rest assured that Taiwan is an excellent choice. A new teacher can expect to earn about US$2000 per month and with the cost of living so low, it is possible to save as much as half of your total earnings.

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