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Teaching English in Taiwan can be a great experience, and the cost of living is quite low. With an average monthly teacher’s salary of NT$62,352 (US$2000), you can easily save up to a thousand dollars per month. Hourly wages are typically around NT$500-700 (US$15-21).

Most schools offer flight reimbursements for full time teachers. Teachers who are on a one year contract, generally get half of their airfare reimbursed, while those on a two year contract will usually get the full return flight costs from their home country reimbursed. Part-time and casual teaching work will not provide any airfare reimbursements. It is a good idea to clear about such issues before you accept an employment offer. Larger schools will generally keep commitments but make sure you do your research on the smaller schools. Search online, ask other teachers in Taiwan and try to talk to teachers in the prospective school for advice.

Some contracts offered to teachers include accommodations, usually shared with other teachers. Some schools also offer temporary residences for a few weeks, allowing teachers a chance to look for a place of their own. School owners and staff will often assist you in looking for accommodation and help you get set up in the place you are living. This should not be a major worry prior to arrival in Taiwan.

Accommodations in Taiwan are reasonably priced at around NT$4000-8000 (US$128-256) for a fully furnished room in an apartment. Costs will be more in central Taipei but even better deals can be found in more rural areas and smaller towns.

Food in Taiwan is also cheap and delicious. Complete meals with meat, rice and vegetables are sold in food stalls everywhere in Taiwan for only NT$60-90 (US$2-3). Western style fast food restaurants cost a bit more with prices ranging NT$90-152(US$3-5) dollars per dish. You can also enjoy a drink at local pubs for only NT$60 (US$2) for local Taiwanese beers or NT$106 (US$3.50) for imported ones.

The Taiwanese government also requires foreign teachers to have medical insurance. This will cost approximately NT$780-935(US$25-30) a month. With this insurance, regular check ups are about NT$124-156 (US$4-5).

Transportation in Taiwan is also reasonably priced. Most schools in Taiwan advise teachers to purchase a scooter. This will save time and money in commuting to school. It is possible to buy a used scooter in good condition for around NT$15000-20000 (US$481-641). A scooter is definitely a good investment, particular if you decide to stay in Taiwan for a longer period of time.

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