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Teach English in Spain - Visa Requirements
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Working visas are required for non-EU nationals. The easiest way to do this is to secure a teaching position before traveling to Spain. In this case, your prospective employer will petition the  Spanish authorities on your behalf. Of course, it’s often much easier to find a job when you are already in in the country. Many teachers choose to travel to Spain on a tourist visa, which allows you a stay of up to 90 days. However, even if you do find a job, it is necessary to return to your home country to complete the application procedure at a Spanish consulate. Understandably, this option is often not feasible for non-Europeans, due to the cost of flights. If you decide to apply for a visa from your home country, it would be wise to start processing your application months before your expected departure, as the issuance of visas can take some time.

Both EU citizens and other foreign nationals are also required to secure  a residency permit. Part of the requirements to get a residency permit is for you to have a proof of income. It is therefore necessary to secure a teaching position before you make an application.

For non-EU nationals, it should also be borne in mind that work permits are tied to the employer that petitioned the authorities on your behalf. If you choose to quit your job and take up other employment, it will be necessary to secure a new work permit. However, for those seeking to stay long-term, after a period of six years your work permit becomes transferrable between different employers and/or occupations.

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