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The biggest concern for many people moving to a foreign country is the cost of living. ‘Will I be able to live comfortably on my income?’ or ‘Will I be able to save a portion of what I earn?’The answer to those questions depends largely on your lifestyle and where you live. The average salary per hour in Spain is 15 (US$21), depending upon your location and qualifications. Monthly salaries are in the region euros 400-750 (US$570-1,070) per month.

With this salary in mind, it’s easy to understand why many teachers choose to share accommodation.  The cheapest apartments are in the region of 200- 350 (US$285-498) per month,  but you are more likely to be paying closer to 500  (US$712). Therefore, it can be difficult to afford your own apartment. Also, it is unusual for schools to offer free accommodation or reimbursment of flight tickets.  As for food, eating a set lunch in a Spanish restaurant will cost 6-9 (US$8-13), while a decent evening meal is 15- 20 ($21- $28), including the wine.

Public transportation in Spain is reasonably cheap and efficient. However, you should only take taxis displaying an official license plate. Taxi rates are generally calculated by distance, but they are sometimes fixed for popular destinations. It is also common practice to tip taxi drivers,  5- 10%. To save money on transportation, however, travel passes are available for 40 (US$58). These allow you to use the metro, town buses, and commuter trains for a month without restrictions. You can get a lot of savings from this as a one way ticket would cost 1 Euro (US$1.42) and a ten- trip pass would cost 6.40 Euros ($9.11).

Despite these expenses, Spain continues to enjoy a lower cost of living than most other western European countries and most teachers are able to live quite comfortably.

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