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Teach English in Saudi - Visa Requirements
Teach English in Saudi Arabia

In order to teach in Saudi Arabia, you will need to secure employment before you arrive and will then need to obtain both a residence and work permit which are required for the issuance of a visa. Tourist and business visas are rarely granted. Once you have been offered employment the visas are usually just a formality, but can still be a lengthy process often taking up to two months to complete. Applicants must be at least 22 years old and individuals of certain religious faiths are not eligible.

Applications for Employment Permits must be made by a local sponsor, i.e. your prospective employer. The Ministry Of Employment must be satisfied that the applicant is required for work. Once approved, they will forward the application to the Ministry of Interior which is responsible for issuing a Residence Permit. Family members who will be accompanying the employee to Saudi Arabia must be included in the Residence Permit process. Once the employee’s Employment Permit is approved, application for a visa must be made to the Saudi Consulate in your home country.

At the time of the application for a visa, the Saudi embassy or consulate will require the following documents, most of which will need to be authenticated and legalized by the appropriate authority:

1. Completed application form.
2. Certified and notarized copy of the educational degrees with official transcripts.
3. Copy of signed contract.
4. Original Letter of Invitation certified by the Saudi Chamber of Commerce.
5. Police Certificates.
6. Medical Report (including an AIDs test).
7. Three passport-size photographs.
8. Application fee.

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