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Teach English in Saudi - Cost of Living
Teach English in Saudi Arabia

Most people who go to work in Saudi Arabia will find their cost of living extremely low because accommodation, amenities, utilities and even health insurance and schooling for children are largely provided for by their employers. Your only expenses will be food, leisure activities, vacations and a strong urge to go shopping at every opportunity.

A three-course dinner might cost around SAR 70 (US$18.67) while a fast-food meal will be SAR 10-15 (US$2.67-4.00). A cup of coffee in a cafe costs SAR 2-6 (US$0.53-1.60) depending upon the establishment and area. Local buses cost around SAR 3 (US$0.80) for a 3km/1.86 mile ride. Car hire for a regular sedan costs around SAR (US$53.28) per day. Web cafes charge SAR 8 (US$1.14) per hour. Annual membership at a fitness club costs around SAR 2,000 (US$532).

Here are some price comparisons for popular western groceries in supermarkets:

Milk 1 ltr SAR 4.00/US$1.07
Plain yoghurt 180 gr. SAR 1.00/US$0.27
Cheese 500 gr. SAR 8.00 /US$2.13
Eggs 12 (large) SAR 8.00/US$2.13
Bread (white loaf) 1 kg SAR 1.00/US$0.27
Rice (long grain) 1 kg./2.20lbs. SAR 9.00 $2.40 £1.70 €1.82
Spaghetti 1 kg SAR 6.00/US$1.60
Coca Cola 1 ltr SAR 4.00/US$1.07
Mineral water 1 ltr SAR 2.00/US$0.53
Orange juice 1 ltr SAR 5.00/US$1.33
Potatoes 1 kg SAR 3.00/US$0.80
Onions 1 kg SAR 2.00/US$0.53
Tomatoes 1 kg./2.20 lbs. SAR 3.00 $0.80 £0.57 €0.61
Oranges 1 kg SAR 4.00/US$1.07
Apples 1 kg SAR 7.00/US$1.86
Bananas 1 kg SAR 5.00/US$1.33
Grapes 1 kg SAR 9.00/US$2.40
Chicken (fresh whole) SAR 10.00 /US$2.66
Shrimp 1 kg SAR 25.00/US$6.66
Frozen pizza SAR 18.00/US$4.80

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