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Teach English in Russia

Teach English in Russia
Teach English in Russia

Teach English in Russia ( General Information )

Russia is renowned for its appreciation of art and culture. There are thousands of state libraries housing billions of books throughout the country. There are countless museums, impressive theaters and art galleries. Russians are a well-educated and cultured people. At first glance Russians can come across as cold and distant, however a little vodka goes a long way in opening people up. …  Read More 

Teach English in Russia ( Cost of Living )

The Russian capital, Moscow, is the world’s most expensive city. Expect the cost of living in Russia to be very expensive. In recent years, prices have increased for everything from commodities to groceries. Public transportation however, has remained relatively cheap. …  Read More 

Teach English in Russia ( Visa Requirements )

To legally teach English in Russia, you need to have an employer or school sponsor you.  The hiring school must be accredited with the Consular Department of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This sponsor will provide you with an “Official Letter of invitation” that will serve as your job offer. …  Read More