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Teach English in Russia - Visa Requirements
Teach English in Russia

To legally teach English in Russia, you need to have an employer or school sponsor you.  The hiring school must be accredited with the Consular Department of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This sponsor will provide you with an “Official Letter of invitation” that will serve as your job offer.

Once you have the invitation, you can then process your work visa application together with your passport, consulate questionnaire (given at the consulate) in Russian consulates abroad. Asian and African citizens are required to process their applications in their home countries.

The work visa is good for three months and can be extended by your employer. Obtaining work visas needs the approval of the Federal Migration Service in Russia.

Work visas must be applied for before coming over to Russia. Upon arrival, you should first visit the local registration office to register your address in Russia. If you change jobs or transfer to a different location, you will need to register again at the local registration office.

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