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Russia is renowned for its appreciation of art and culture. There are thousands of state libraries housing billions of books throughout the country. There are countless museums, impressive theaters and art galleries. Russians are a well-educated and cultured people. At first glance Russians can come across as cold and distant, however a little vodka goes a long way in opening people up.

The nightlife is fantastic in large Russian cities. Russian cuisine is also something to look forward to. They are widely known for their exotic soups that are made up of different kinds of meat and vegetables. Russians also serve or eat bread with every meal.

Russia is definitely an amazing country to travel and work in. In recent years, the demand for English teachers has been growing. Business has been booming in Russia and this has created a strong desire to learn English.

The two most popular schools in Russia that offer English lessons are BKC International House and English First. Either school can facilitate your entry into Russia.

For native speakers, you don’t even have to have a bachelor’s degree to teach in Russia. Because the demand is high, schools tend to accept teachers without any credentials. However, a CELTA or a TESOL certification and a year or two of teaching experience are an advantage.

BKC International House offers free accommodations, paid holidays, visa costs (paid upon contract completion), reimbursement of a percentage of your airfare, medical support and 24 hour security and internet access. English First offers flight reimbursements (upon completion of a contract), health insurance, and help with the visa application process. You are responsible for finding your own accomodation but assistance from the school is available. Both schools offer discounted rates for teachers wanting to take Russian language classes. Plus, teachers also get bonuses from both schools upon completion of contracts.

The salary of a teacher in Russia depends on qualification and experience. The average salary is RUB 38,000 (US$1,450) per month. And average teaching hours are between 24-30 hours per week, Mondays through Fridays; and sometimes including weekends.

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