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Teach English in Poland - Visa Requirements
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To legally teach English in Poland, most foreign nationals need a work permit and a residence visa. However, EU citizens no longer need permits or visas. Residents of some nations, which have a special agreement with Poland, are allowed to visit the country for a maximum of 90 days without a visa but will have to obtain a work permit to engage in employment.

Non-EU citizens need to secure a work visa and a residence visa from potential employers in Poland. Once you find an employer, they will send you the original copy of a “work permit promise”.

The granting of the “work permit promise” can be a complicated and time-consuming process. When an employer has  a job vacancy, he must inform the local labor office and advertise the job in classifieds or over the internet. This rule is intended to give native Polish citizens a chance to apply for jobs. After a month, if no Polish citizen applies or qualifies for the job, the “work permit promise” can be  extended to foreigners.

Once a teacher receives the “work permit promise”, the next step would be to apply for a residence visa. This document, together with your passport and a visa application form are submitted to the nearest Polish embassy. Be aware that all applications must be done in person, and outside of Poland.  Your employer would then be responsible for the application process once your papers arrive in Poland. They are also the ones who apply for your work permit.

Work permits are issued at the Regional Employment Office in the same area where you will be employed. The terms of your permit depends on the work permit promise given to you. Typically, work visas are granted for 12 months. But if your contract states that the duration of employment is longer than a year, then the foreign teacher must visit the Regional office in Poland and ask for permission to extend his/her stay.

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