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Teach English in Poland - General Information

In recent years, the demand for English teachers in Poland has been quite high and is continuing to grow. This is because most economic activites, business ventures and suchlike are generally conducted in English. Also, students who wish to take up business courses/careers, are required to take an English proficiency examination, administered by the government. Today, Poland is considered to be one of the largest market in the continent for EFL teachers.

In choosing where to teach, you have numerous options. There are teaching jobs in private language schools, government schools, universities, and large companies. Salaries and working conditions vary from school to school. Most teaching jobs are in the major cities of Warsaw, Wroclaw or Krakow.

Student ages vary from 6-60. Schools are mostly focused on providing business English, general English, public speaking and conversation classes. On average, teaching hours are between 20-30 hours per week. Most of schools provide their teachers with a set a curriculum for the students to follow. However, teachers are generally free to adapt these courses, as long as it caters to the needs of the students.

You do not have to be an EU passport holder to teach English in Poland. Other nationalities are welcomed as long as he/she has the necessary background and experience, although native English speakers are likely to gain employment more easily. Basic requirements include a degree, a TEFL/ TESOL certificate, and a couple of months to a year of experience. You would need a “work promise”, a residence visa, and a work permit to legally teach in Poland.

The good thing is, almost every school in Poland offers their teachers free accommodation, training, Polish language classes, paid holidays and visa and work permit assistance. Contracts offered are usually good for an academic year. Average salaries for English teachers in Poland are between PLN1,200 – PLN2,500 (US$506-1050). The best time to look for a job is in September and January. Working as a teacher in Poland may not make you rich, but the salary is adequate for a comfortable lifestyle plus the teaching conditions are good.

The country has a lot to offer, from a number of museums and theaters, to impressive architecture and medieval towns. The Polish are warm-hearted people, eager to learn English and have high respect for their teachers. Conveniently situated in central Europe, Poland is definitely a great place to teach English.

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