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Teach English in Poland - Cost of Living
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Compared to many other European countries, Poland is a relatively cheap country in which to live. Teaching English in Poland offers an excellent opportunity to experience authentic Eastern European culture, cuisine and lifestyle. While the salary is not lucrative, the experience is definitely worth the stay.

For EFL teachers, the average monthly salary is PLN 1,200 (US$510) for those in government schools and between PLN 2000 to 4800 (US$850-2040) in private schools. However, even foreign teachers are liable for an income tax rate of 20%. (Salaries after tax: PLN 960 [US$408] for public schools & PLN 1600-3840 [US$680-1632] for private schools)

Higher salary potential makes private schools an obvious preference. Work in public schools also tends to be more tedious.  Class schedules vary, as the age range of your students can be anywhere between elementary school kids to senior citizens.

Most schools, offer free accommodation for their teachers. This generally means  houses shared with other foreign teachers. Some schools  do not provide accomodations, however they will typically  assist their teachers in finding a suitable place to live. Also, living with host families in exchange for private English lessons is popular in Poland. A studio apartment in Poland can be found for as little as PLN 1200-1500 (US$510-637).  Renting  just a room in a shared house or apartment will typically  cost about PLN 422 (US$180).

Public transportation in Poland is efficient and affordable. A monthly pass that costs PLN 66 (US$28) allows you to take either the bus, tram or metro train anytime of the day.

Eating costs in Poland can vary substantially, according to your lifestyle. Full meals in nicer Polish restaurants cost PLN 25-50 (US$11-21), while dining in cafes costs PLN 10-20 (US$4-8). A small bottle of beer is PLN 2.80 (US$1). Eating in high-class restaurants costs in the region of PLN 50-100 (US$21-43), and even more.  Going out for pizza might cost around PLN 20-25 (US$8-11) per person, and a hearty meal in a bar can be had for PLN 10-15 (US$4-6). The drink of choice in Poland is Vodka, of course. A bottle of the famous “Sobieski Vodka” costs between PLN 25 (US$11) per 500ml bottle.

In Poland, the nightlife is lively, the people are generally friendly and are very are eager to learn English. So, if you are thinking of traveling and working in a European country at half the cost of western Europe, then Poland is the place to be.

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