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Teach English in Peru - Visa Requirements
Teach English in Peru

EU nationals and nationals from the United States of America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand can enter Peru without a tourist visa. Citizens from other countries will face a more difficult process.

There are two possible ways of legally entering Peru.

(1) The first one is to travel to Peru on a tourist visa. Tourist visas are valid for 90 days.

The next step is to look for an employer. Once you find work, you can apply for a worker’s visa from the “Peruvian General Directorate of Immigration and Naturalization”. You will need to present documents, your valid passport, receipt of payment for the application and an application to change your immigration status, loads of fees and a copy of your employment contract (notarized and authenticated).

All the documents and application will be sent to the Immigration department in Peru. Once approved, the visa will be sent to the country of your choice. This is because you cannot change the tourist status of your visa into a worker’s visa within Peru. You can either choose to travel to neighboring countries or go back to your country of origin to get your Peruvian work visa.

(2) The second way is to travel to Peru on a business visa. This visa is also good for 90 days. To obtain one, your company/ sponsor/ employer would guide you with the requirements and paperwork. The requirements differ from country to country.

Upon arriving in Peru, you would need to visit the “Peruvian General Directorate of Immigration and Naturalization”and submit an application for a work visa, with the help of your company/ sponsor/ employer.

The good thing about entering Peru on a business visa is that you do not have to make any visa runs to other countries to have your immigration status changed. You can stay in Peru within the period of the application. Another major advantage of having a business visa instead of a tourist one, is you do not need to have special permission to sign work contracts. Tourist visa holders need to acquire special permissions to do so.

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