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Teach English in Peru - Cost of Living
Teach English in Peru

There are many teaching positions in Peru, however, most of these are volunteer positions either in orphanages or in remote areas. A lot of agencies and programs abroad sponsor foreigners to teach in Peru. Most of these programs offer free accommodations with a host family, some meals, health insurance, training and a daily local support. Volunteers are responsible for their own airfare, visas and local transportation.

There are also jobs that offer monthly salaries, or on a per hour basis.  Average monthly salary is from  1,250 Soles-2,200 Soles (US$400 – $700) per month and hourly rates are usually at 12.50- 16 Soles (US$4-5). There are numerous paid teaching jobs for full time and part time work. The best time to look for a job is between March-August.

Accomodations in Peru are reasonably priced. A shared room in an apartment is about 1,000 Soles ($320) per month. Private rooms are priced a bit higher at 1,190 Soles (US$380) per month. Rooms are clean and safe. Plus, all room rates include three meals everyday.

Food in Peru is not that expensive as well. You can get a full lunch for as low as US$2. The average price of meals in local restaurants range from US$3-5 per meal. A medium sized pizza costs about US$10, a local beer costs between 3-5 Soles (US$1-2).

Buses are the most recommended mode of transportation in the country. Taxis in Peru do not use meters. Most of the trips are negotiated between the passenger and the driver with many drivers who tend to overcharge foreigners. Never get in the taxi unless you have settled the amount you are going to pay.

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