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Teach English in Malaysia - Cost of Living
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The low cost of living in Malaysia means that an average EFL teacher’s salary of RM 4,000 (US$1,090) per month is more than sufficient for a comfortable standard of living. Like any other country, your ability to put money aside for travel and savings will largely depend upon your lifestyle. Eating only western food, buying western goods and going to tourist bars and clubs is, of course, more expensive than living as the locals do.

It’s quite possible to get by on RM 300 (US$80) per month for groceries if you shop in the local stores. Grocery shopping in the international supermarket chains is more expensive, but still often a little cheaper than the U.K. Eating out the popular hawker stalls will cost around RM 7 (US$1.90) and lunch at a food court is less than RM 10 (US$2.70). Fast-food meals from one of the big American chains averages around RM 9 (US$2.50) and a 12-inch pizza from Pizza Hut is RM 27-32 (US$7.40-8.75). A three-course dinner in a good restaurant would be in the region of RM 60 (US$16.40) per person, while lunch at a five-star hotel can be anything from RM 60-100 (US$16.40-27.30). A cup of coffee in a cafe is about RM 6 (US$1.60), while beer served in a bar is likely to cost RM 10 (US$ 2.75). All of these prices are applicable to Kuala Lumpur and are generally lower in other parts of Malaysia.

Some typical prices in supermarkets are as follows:

Bread (white loaf) RM 3.60 / US$0.98
Bread (wheat loaf) RM 6.75 / US$1.85
Butter (500g) RM 6.00 / US$1.65
Cheese (500g) RM 12.80 / US$3.50
Eggs (12, large) RM 4.20 / US$1.15
Rice (1kg) RM 8.00 / US$2.20;
Spaghetti (1kg) RM 7.00 / US$1.90

Apples (1kg) RM 7.35 / US$2.05
Bananas (1kg) RM 4.00 / US$1.10
Oranges (1kg) RM 8.00 / US$2.20

Lettuce (1kg) RM 6.00 / RM$1.65
Onions (1kg) RM 6.00 / US$1.65
Potatoes (1kg) RM 3.65 / US$1.00
Tomatoes (1kg) RM 7.00 / US$1.93

Bacon (1kg) RM 35.00 / US$9.65
Beef filet (1kg) RM 34.00 / US$9.30
Cooked ham (1kg) RM 35.00 / US$9.65
Ground beef (1kg) RM 3.00 / US$0.85
Lamb chops (1kg) RM 12.00 / US$3.30
Pork chops (1kg) RM 30.00 / US$8.30
Sausages (1kg) RM 25.00 / US$6.90
Whole Chicken (1kg) RM 8.30 / US$2.25

Beer (local, can) RM 4.25 / US$1.15
Beer (imported, can) RM 7.00 / US$1.95
Coca Cola (1 ltr) RM 3.70 / US$1.02
Coffee (instant-125 gr) RM 8.00 / US$2.20
Coffee (ground-500gr) RM 17.50 / US$4.80
Milk (1ltr) RM 4.20 / US$1.15
Mineral water (1ltr) / RM 2.15 / US$0.60
Orange juice (1ltr) RM 6.50 / US$1.80
Wine (fine) RM 65.00 / US$17.90
Wine (table) RM 34.00 / US$9.40

Expect to spend around RM 50 (US$13.65) per month on utilities. Cell phones can be purchased for RM 360 (US$98.50) and a three-minute call costs RM 1.45 (US$0.40). A three-minute call from a landline phone is RM 0.85 (US$0.23). An internet connection will cost in the region of RM 90 (US$24.60) per month.

Public transportation is very efficient and reasonably priced. A daily pass on city buses is just RM 1.00 (US$0.30), while trips to and from the suburbs are RM 2.00 (US$0.60). A monthly rail pass costs RM 100 (US$27.30). Metered taxis charge RM 2.00 (US$0.60) for the first 2km, and RM 0.10 (US$0.03) for every subsequent 200m.

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