Teach English in Kazakhstan

Teach English Abroad

Location: Astana, Kazakhstan

Working Conditions:
We are currently looking for English Language Teachers to teach English as a second language to employees of national business companies (age from 20 and higher with beginners’ level) in groups and individually in Astana, Kazakhstan.

Salary will be determined upon the interview’s conclusion.
Airfare+Apartment+Visa are paid by our company.

The short characteristics:
1. Presence of the international certificate (TEFL/TESOL/CELTA), giving the right to teaching activity;
2. Diploma presence about higher education;
3. The teacher should be the native speaker of English;
4. Experience in the educational organisations.
5. The experience of educational work not less than 5 years, degree of the bachelor at least.
6. Possession of skills of methodical work;
7. Possession of active methods and interactive technologies of training;
8. Frequency of the group lessons: 2 times a week (1 lesson = 1,5 h);
9. Frequency of the individual lessons: 2 times a week (1 lesson = 1,5 h).

Qualified applicants should send the following:
a. your CV
b. copy of your passport
c. copy of your degree (or diploma)
d. copy of your TEFL/TESOL certificate
e. contact information
f. recent photo
g. recommendation of last company you served and relaease letter
h. education programme and offer.

Contact Information:
For employment application or inquiries, please contact Balgazy: (Skype: balgazy).You also can reach me on +77027411028 (Mobile).
You also are welcome to recommend me your friends to apply for the job.

If interested, please send your CV with any questions to: [email protected]

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