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Teach English in Japan - General Information
Teach English in Japan

Japan is one of the most popular countries to teach English for many good reasons.

  • There are a large number of positions available all over the country in public schools, businesses and English conversation schools.
  • The salary relative to cost of living is quite good. It is quite possible to save US$1000 per month, even more if you are willing to take on extra classes and keep your living expenses down. There once was a minimum salary requirement of 250,000 yen (US$2500) but this legal requirement has been relaxed. Most full-time salaries will still be in this range.
  • It is the safest country in the world. Women should take precautions and try not to be alone at night, but for the most part, it is unlikely you will ever encounter serious trouble.
  • The food is fantastic. Japan is renowned for fresh seasonal ingredients from exotic vegetables to just-caught fish. No where in the world compares to the quality of food you can find in Japan.
  • The history and culture of Japan is amazing. From centuries old temples and shrines, to huge fireworks displays, to midnight festivals, Japan has so much to offer.
  • Japan has become very trendy. Managa, , sushi, sake and other Japanese cultural exports are popular the world over. Visit the source for an authentic experience.
  • Japanese cities are extremely clean for their size. It is a common sight to see shopkeepers and elderly cleaning streets early in the morning (Or late at night for most foreigners).
  • There are great opportunities for foreigners. Many English teachers have become famous celebrities, rock stars and TV hosts. Learn the language and develop your skills, the very fact that you are a foreigner will open many doors in virtually any industry.
  • Japan is a great country to open a business. Red tape and bureaucracy will leave you scratching your head, but the tax write-offs and low effective tax rates make this a good place to start your business. Japanese people generally have a large amount of disposable income to pay for high priced products and services and Japanese value quality. Another thing to consider is that, this is not a particularly entrepreneurial country, novel ideas do not typically have much competition, until they are large business that is, then you will find a flood of imitators.

Most schools in Japan, if not all, hire only Native speakers either from USA, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada or other countries whose first language is English. Be warned that Asian looking English speakers have been known to have difficultly finding jobs because of the stereotype of what a westerner should look like. If you are lucky enough to be blonde and blue-eyed you will likely find yourself very popular in Japan.

In most circumstances a work visa is required to teach in Japan, however it is not necessary to have teaching experience or credentials (find more information on the visa requirements page), Of course more experience, training and certifications are attractive to employers and you will likely find better and higher paying jobs.

One of the best ways to come to Japan is to get hired on the JET program. It is a government program to hire teachers and send them to public schools. Salaries are generally higher, with less teaching hours and more vacations than other entry level teaching jobs. One potential drawback is that you can not choose your destination city. You will probably be put in a smaller town with little access to other foreigners. This is great for learning the language and discovering what real Japanese life is like, however it can be too isolated for some.

The most coveted jobs are in public schools and universities. These jobs are harder to come by because of the higher salaries, limited teaching hours and extensive vacation time. Networking with other teachers in Japan is definitely the way to find these jobs since they are seldom advertised. The better the job, the more credentials you will need. For university level work, it is generally necessary to have a masters degree although there are exceptions if you have the right contacts.

Japan is a great country to teach English in. You will be able to save money, and experience great food and culture. If you are going to teach English, it is hard to find a better destination than Japan.

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