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Teach English in Italy - Cost of Living
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As you might expect, Italy can be an expensive place to live. Taxes are quite high – you will be liable for income tax, housing tax, social security and various indirect taxes on almost all purchases.

It is more expensive to live in the larger cities than the rural areas in southern Italy but, of course, there are also far more jobs. Salaries for EFL teachers are generally in the region of €650-1,300 (US$960-1,918) per month, depending on qualifications, experience and your teaching schedule. On average, if you work 25 hours a week, you can expect about €800 (US$1,181) per month. Teaching private students can be more lucrative than working in a language school. Depending on your qualifications and location, you can charge up to €25 ($37) for a one hour lesson. However, teaching private students tends to be a less reliable source of income.

The price of food and drink in Italy has risen considerably in recent times. Many of their locally produced goods are sold exclusively for export to countries like Japan, where they can expect to triple their profits. It is advisable to avoid eating at restaurants if you are hard on cash as dining out can be very expensive. A three-course meal can set you back anywhere from €50-300 (US$73-443). By doing your own shopping and eating at home, it is likely that you will get by on just €200 (US$295) per month. Accommodation isn’t cheap, either. A single room in a housing unit will cost in the region of €400 (US$590) per month, although this will generally include utilities. If you are able to find work in a rural area, or are in a position to commute, rooms can cost as little as €80 (US$118) per month. However, public transportation may pose as a problem in these areas.

Despite the high cost of living, the quality of life in Italy is high and the economy is relatively stable.

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