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Teach English in Ireland- Cost of Living
Teach English in Ireland

The Irish economy has been buoyant ever since the nation joined the EU, and Irish people enjoy one of the highest standards of living in Europe. Having said that, the cost of living can be quite high, especially compared to countries like Spain and Portugal.

Expect to spend between €70-100 (US$90-130) per week on groceries, depending upon where you live and your eating habits. The rent for a small one bedroom apartment or bed-sit will be €280-€400 (US$370-530) per month depending upon location. It will be difficult to find reasonably priced accommodation in central Dublin. It is also normal to pay a refundable deposit equivalent to one-month’s rent. Once you’ve settled, you will find it much cheaper to share accommodation or perhaps ‘homestay’ with an Irish family. With the climate fairly cool, even in summer time, it is likely that utilities will average around €60 (US$80) per month.

Some typical prices in Ireland are as follows:

Litre of Milk €1.15 (US$1.52)
Loaf of bread €1.25 (US$1.65)
Instant coffee (200g) €7.89 (US$10.42)
12 pack sausages €2.79 (US$3.68)
Cheese (200g) €1.99 (US$2.63)
Chicken Breasts x 5 €7.35 (US$9.70)
Litre coca cola €1.20 (US$1.58)
Potatoes (5kg) €6.99 (US$9.23)
Eggs (6 pack) €1.40 (US$1.85)
Cooked ham (120g) €2.95 (US$3.90)
McDonalds Big Mac Meal €5.20 (US$6.87)
6 bottles of Heineken €9.79 (US$12.92)
Pint of Guinness (in pub) €4.50 (US$5.94)
Pack of 20 cigarettes €6.50 (US$8.58)
Movie ticket €7.50 (US$9.90)

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