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Teach English in Hungary
Teach English in Hungary

Teach English in Hungary (General Information)

If you want to experience Eastern European culture with a touch of class and luxury, then you might want to teach in Hungary. English teaching jobs are not as plentiful as in other countries but can still be found.

The country offers good working conditions, and while the salaries are lower than many other countries, so is the cost of living. Teaching in Hungary allows you to enjoy European culture at half the cost of Western cities. Hungary has beautiful summers and mild winters. …  Read More 

Teach English in Hungary (Cost of Living)

The average monthly salary of a teacher in Hungary is about 150,000 HUF (930 USD). You will not be able to save very much money teaching in Hungary, but you can enjoy a great European quality of life at a fraction of the cost of cities like Paris or London. …  Read More 

Teach English in Hungary (Visa Requirements)

Hungary became a member of the Schengen Area on 1 January 2008. This means that EU visa holders no longer need special visas or permits to visit, work or live in Hungary. Unfortunately, non-EU citizens still must navigate through the complicated Hungarian bureaucracy to live and work there. …  Read More 

Interviews with English Teachers in Hungary

Interview with Peter Wylde, an English teacher in Hungary