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Teach English in Guatemala - General Information
Teach English in Guatemala

Guatemala is a country with a rich culture and strong national identity. About 70% of the country consists of mountainous regions, and the economy is largely based on agriculture, with fruits and vegetables a major export. It’s an attractive destination for teachers seeking a slower pace of life.

There is a strong demand for EFL teachers in Guatemala because competency in English is important for students applying to unversity and is a requirement for most good jobs in the country.

Quetzaltenango, an area surrounded by volcanos and commonly referred to as “Xela,” is the educational center of Guatemala, and most schools are located there. However, the number of schools in Guatemala is limited and not all schools accept foreign teachers. Often, those that do are seeking volunteers, usually recruited by aid organizations..

Best English School and IGA (Instito Guatemalteco Americano) are two of the schools that hire foreign teachers directly. Teachers are typically expected to teach 4-5 hours every day and the salary will depend on your qualifications. Typically, it will be adequate for a comfortable living, but don’t expect to save any money.

IAS (Inter-America School) also offers teaching jobs and pays their teachers a monthly stipend. Their teachers are generally placed with a host family for the duration of their stay.

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