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Teach English in Guatemala - Cost of Living
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The monthly salary for foreign English teachers in Guatemala is between US$500-800. The normal per hour rate is around US$2-5 in language institutions, US$5-8 for private students and US$10-18 per hour tutoring employees in big companies. Most schools also offer free Spanish lessons to their teachers and some provide teaching resources and training, if needed.

Being an agricultural-based economy, the cost of living is quite low. Meals typically include rice GTQ2.50/lb (US$.33), corn GTQ4.00/lb (US$0.53), beans GTQ5.00(US$0.67) and wheat or corn flour tortillas at GTQ25.00 & GTQ75.00./lb. (US$0.03-0.10) respectively.  Fruits are also reasonably priced, as they are grwon locally, mostly very fresh. A dozen bananas cost GTQ6.00 (US$0.80), a pound of strawberriesGTQ3.00 (US$0.40) while lemons and limes cost less than a dollar.

When eating out, an average meal would cost GTQ15-30 (US$2-4) per person. Meals generally include about 4 dishes, fruits for dessert, fruit juice and their famous tortillas. A bottle of beer costs GTQ15.00 (US$2), a soda GTQ5.00 (US$0.67) and a quart of milk Q8.00 (US$1.07). The menu in McDonalds will seem somewhat unfamiliar to most westerners, but is tasty nonetheless. An average meal costs GTQ23.00-54 (US$3-7) per person. Dining out in high class international restaurants would cost you an average of GTQ270 (US$35) per person, including a glass of wine.

Fully furnished rooms in the cleaner and safer parts of town can be found for GTQ1,890-2,715 (US$250-360) per month. This is generally inclusive of laundry services, drinking water and a telephone service. A room in a shared apartment can cost as little as GTQ754-1,508 (US$100-200) per month. Monthly utilities are likely to cost GTQ38.00 (US$5.07), while 10,000 liters of water costs GTQ10.00 (US$1.33). Having your own water system installed would cost you GTQ800 (US$107).

Public transportion in Guatemala is also very cheap. An hour’s bus ride costs only about a dollar, while short trips are just GTQ1.50 (US$0.20). Another means of traveling within Guatemala are the “Tuk-tuk”, or three wheeled taxis. Fares are only GTQ11 (US$1.50) for trips around town.You could also take tourist vans that are a little more expensive, but more comfortable rides at GTQ38-188 (US$5-25) per person. Guatemalan Pullman Buses are also accessible and fares are priced at GTQ75 (US$10) for a 6-hour ride in a first class bus and (US$7) for a second class trip.

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