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Teach English in France - Visa Requirements
Teach English in France

EU citizens are freely permitted to live and work in France of course, but non-EU citizens will have to go through the strict French bureuacracy and weeks of paperwork preparation.

Non-EU teachers, must apply for a long term visa, otherwise known as “visa du long sejour” from their country of origin. With this, the teacher may travel to France to immediately start on the job. Upon arriving, you will need to undergo a medical examination through immigration. If you do not have any serious health problems, you will then be issued a “Residence card” or “carte de sejour”.

It is not easy for Non-EU citizens to find English teaching positions so be forewarned. A non-EU national will need to find a job with either a French company, or an international one, with branches in France. Your best bet is with international companies with branches in France. The company will serve as your sponsor and will make the issuance of the permit faster.

There are two types of work permits in France. The first one is their “Temporary Secondment”, which is for those who are working for a company that needs to station their employees in France for only a few  months. The other is the “Full work permit” issued to those hired by companies based in the country.

Most  teaching jobs are in companies where employees are required to improve their English comprehension skills. There are also some schools that hire assistant English teachers; most of these schools are government supported and teaching hours of assistant teachers are limited.

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