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For an English teacher in France, salaries can vary considerably. Expect an average hourly rate between  €16-€18 (US$20-23) for freelance teachers in English institutions and public schools. For teachers with contracts, a fixed monthly salary will usually range between €1,300-€1,800 (US$1,600-2,300). About 20% or more will go towards taxes and health insurance. Private tutoring is not common but there are those who insist on having a one on one  English lessons.  Teachers normally ask about €30-35 (US$38-44) per hour.

Public Transportation in France is reasonably priced. Individual tickets for short journeys on a train costs €1.40 (US$1.80). You could also get a “carnet”, 10 tickets for a lower price of €10.90 (US$13.90). The train is the most accessible and recommended mode of transportation in France. There are also taxis and buses available. A local trip to the town would normally cost €6-€8 (US$8-10) for a taxi and €1.30 (US$1.60) for a bus.

Accommodations in Paris are quite pricey. A room in a shared apartment will cost around  €400-€500 (US$509-636) a month not including utilities. Getting a private room for yourself would cost you €750 (US$954) per month. A telephone line costs €35 (US$44) and €0.30 (US$.40) per minute for a call from public phone booths. An Internet connection plus telephone costs about €50 (US$64) a month. Water bills would be about €20 (US$25) per month with electricity at about €90 (US$115). Food in France is not that expensive. If you shop like the locals do, in supermarkets, then you would be able to save a little from your salary. You will probably spend €300-€400 (US$380-510).

Dining out would be a bit more expensive. A three course meal in a restaurant costs €35-€40 (US$44-51) per person. While fast food meals cost €6 (US$8), €4.75 (US$6) for a 600g pizza, €2.84 (US$4) for a hamburger and  €6.50 (US$8.20) for a McDonald’s meal. Local foods include bagettes that cost €0.80 (US$1) per piece, €1 (US$1.30) for a croissant, and €3.30 (US$4) for a “Croque-monsieur” or toasted cheese sandwich.

Local beers in a bar normally cost  €4.50 (US$6), €2.50 (US$3) for a cup of coffee, and €5 (US$6) for a  pack of cigarettes. Canned beer is much cheaper and is priced between €0.55-€1.50 (US$.70-2).

Admission to the Louvre is  €8.50 (US$11) and a trip to the Eiffel Tower will cost €11.50 (US$15). Concerts in France are also popular. Prices are normally between €20-€40 (US$25-51) per show, depending on the popularity of the artists performing. Other leisure activities include: movies: €8-€10 (US$10-13), going to the bar: €10 (US$13) for the entrance fee.

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