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Teach English in Dubai

Teach English in Dubai
Teach English in Dubai

 Teach English in Dubai (General Information)

There are plenty of English teaching jobs in Dubai. You can find employment with large companies, private schools, language schools or be hired as a private tutor for kids of the extremely rich population in Dubai. But before thinking of teaching English in Dubai, make sure you understand what you are getting into. Living and working in Middle Eastern countries can be a great experience to see a completely different culture but there are also numerous restrictions. It a serious crime to be homosexual in Dubai. Women are expected to stay at home and take care of children. Even with the rising number of female expatriates, this hasn’t changed much. …  Read More 

 Teach English in Dubai (Cost of Living )

It is quite expensive to live in Dubai however, the pay is more than adequate for a comfortable lifestyle. Starting salaries are generally about AED 6600-7300 (US$1800-2000) per month. More experienced and trained teachers can likely earn slightly more.

Many schools offer free accommodation but if you are required to pay for your own apartment expect to pay upwards from AED 2500 (US$700) plus utilities that would cost an average of AED 460 (US$125) per month. …  Read More 

Teach English in Dubai ( Visa Requirements)

The application process for visas in Dubai is quite strict and controlled. If your application for a visa is denied, appeals are very difficult, if not impossible.

Most of the companies that hire foreigners have “fixers”. These people are responsible for assisting you throughout the entire visa application. Whenever your presence is needed in any department in Dubai, your “fixer” should always be with you. Expect the visa application process to take 1-3 months.
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