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Teach English in Dubai - Cost of Living
Teach English in Dubai

It is quite expensive to live in Dubai however, the pay is more than adequate for a comfortable lifestyle. Starting salaries are generally about AED 6600-7300 (US$1800-2000) per month. More experienced and trained teachers can likely earn slightly more.

Many schools offer free accommodation but if you are required to pay for your own apartment expect to pay upwards from AED 2500 (US$700) plus utilities that would cost an average of AED 460 (US$125) per month.

A meal in a western style restaurant will cost about AED 55 (US$15) per person. While average meals in local food stalls would cost around AED 18 (US$5) per person. A few drinks and snacks in a Go club or pub is likely to cost AED 110 (US$30).

By eating at home most of the time, you can expect groceries to cost an average AED 1300-1500 (US$350-400) per month.

The most accessible public transportation in Dubai is the taxi. Every kilometer is AED 5.5 (US$1.5). Buses are also available at the price of AED 4 (US$1.20)for a complete journey and AED 1 (US$.30) for a short trip. You can also choose to rent a car for AED92-515 (US$25-140), (depending on the model) per day if you wish to drive.

Another famous public transportation in Dubai is the Abra boats. These are small wooden vessels that cross the creek from Bur Dubai to the Textile Souk area in Deira from morning until midnight. These boats are considered to be the most fun way to travel within Dubai. And it only costs 1 AED (US$.30) per journey.

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