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Teach English in Czech - General Information

Surrounded by Germany, Poland, Austria and Slovakia, the Czech Republic is in the heart of Europe. The capital city Prague, in particular, offers amazing architecture, great food, bustling nightlife and relatively low costs relative to the rest of Europe. Prague’s proximity to Germany means there are many German speakers in the city, however it is also very popular for English speaking expats and tourists.

Inexpensive alcohol and restaurants can make the country a great place for partying and nightlife as a tourist, but as an English teacher earning in the local currency, you will have to be a little frugal with your paycheck. English teachers can earn around up to 18,000 Czech korunas (US$900) per month before taxes and other expenses. The highest paid teaching jobs seem to be with big companies who provide lessons for their employees and involve teaching technical and business English. You can definitely live comfortably on this salary, but there won’t be much savings left over. Airfare as well as housing costs are generally the English teacher’s responsibility. Many schools help arrange homestays or lower cost accommodations, but not always.

Now that Czech is in the European Union, EU citizens have a huge advantage over other nationalities in securing English teaching positions because they will not need visa sponsorship. Non EU nationals who want to teach legally in Czech must apply for a work permit and a residency visa. Non-EU citizens can still find employment, but odds are better in smaller towns and more remote locations. With the large numbers of English teachers all over Europe, having a TEFL or CELTA certificate is generally required.

The capital Prague has the largest number of English teaching positions, but it also has the most teachers looking for jobs so competition can be fierce. It might be wise to try Brno, the second largest city in the country, or even public school positions in smaller cities and towns.  The best time to look for a job in the country is early April. This is the time when schools hire teachers for the school year that starts in September.


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