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Teach English in Costa Rica - Visa Requirements
Teach English in Costa Rica

Obtaining a work permit to legally work in  Costa Rica can be a difficult and time consuming process.  This is why many teachers teach English illegally on a 90-day tourist visa. A trip out of the country renews your tourist visit for another 90 days.

This process, however, is illegal and may result to you being deported and not allowed to return for 10 years. The legal way is to file for a temporary residence permit (TRP) first with the help of your employer. This process can take 3-6 months. You are required to submit your passport, diploma, birth certificate and a police record from your home country. Then, you  need to write a letter to the Immigration department with personal details such as area of specialization, name of employer and expected salary. This letter needs to be notarized, and signed by you, in the consulate.

You will also need to have your  finger prints taken at a Police station, and submit your employment contract, letter and other important documents. This process costs US$100.

After that, you can then apply for a work permit. This normally takes another 30-60 days to process the application. The tedious process of securing work permits is the main reason why teachers opt to travel and teach in Costa Rica on a tourist visa.

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