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China is a fantastic clash of modernity and tradition. Endless modern glass skyscrapers line the streets, while a few steps away you can find fishmongers gutting fish in the streets. With hundreds of new English schools popping up around the country, China currently offers the most abundant opportunities for English teachers around the world.

With China’s huge demand for English teachers, even non-native English speakers are likely to find English teaching positions. Many schools prefer that teachers have a TEFL certificate and at least one year’s work experience in any field. However, all interested teachers are likely to find employment.

To teach in China, you need a “Z” visa. This means you will need to find an employer that will hire you prior to arriving in China. This visa can be obtained in a Chinese embassy in your home country. Once hired your employer will send a notification letter for your visa and a work permit. When you arrive in China, you will have to visit the local police station and apply for a residence permit. This should be done within a month of your arrival in the country. Typically, your employer will help you with all the necessary paperwork.

It is not a good idea to go to China to work on a tourist visa. Although, increasing numbers of teachers are working illegally in China, it is a serious risk. Chinese officials are not particularly renowned for their kindness and generosity. Do yourself a favor and find an employer to sponsor your visa before you go to China.

Salaries are competitive and increasing in the larger schools. However, it is not uncommon for novice teachers to be taken advantage of by smaller independent schools. Make sure to get written copies of your contract in English, clearly stating work hours, salary, housing arrangements and flight reimbursements, etc. Also, bear in mind that Chinese employers will try to pay you as little as possible, especially where teachers without experience or certifications are concerned. Make sure you get what was agreed upon.

Most English schools in China offer free furnished accommodations with appliances, Internet, a bike for traveling to and from school, meal allowances and a flight reimbursement for return tickets upon completion of the contract. Salaries are not as high in China as Japan or Korea, but with all these extras and the low cost of living it is likely that the amount of money you can save will be comparable to English teachers in those countries.

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