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Teach English in Brazil
Teach English in Brazil

Teach English in Brazil (General Information)

Brazil is known for for its soccer, fantastic scenery, beaches and great food. They also have the annual Brazil Carnival celebration, famous throughout the world. Brazil’s climate varies considerably across the vast nation but summers are great. A rich culture and great party environment make Brazil an exciting choice for prospective English teachers. Some detriments to teaching English in Brazil are the pollution and a high crime rate. …  Read More 

Teach English in Brazil (Cost of Living)

Living costs in Brazil are much lower than western countries, but still quite high relative to the income you will receive teaching English in Brazil. You can live comfortably on R$700 (US$450) per month, depending on your lifestyle. Average salaries of R$950 – 1100 (US$600 – 700) are adequate to cover your rent, monthly utilities, and transportation expenses. Teaching extra private students on the side can greatly supplement your income. …  Read More 

Teach English in Brazil (Visa Requirements)

To legally teach English in Brazil, you will need a work visa. The most  common way to look for teaching jobs in Brazil is through English teaching  job placement sites on the Internet. A popular alternative is to travel to Brazil on a tourist visa and find English teaching positions while you are in the country. Teaching without a work visa is illegal, but also quite common. In most countries around the world, it is not difficult to line up part-time English teaching jobs and find private students, Brazil is no exception. …  Read More