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Teach English in Brazil - Visa Requirements
Teach English in Brazil

To legally teach English in Brazil, you will need a work visa. The most  common way to look for teaching jobs in Brazil is through English teaching  job placement sites on the Internet. A popular alternative is to travel to Brazil on a tourist visa and find English teaching positions while you are in the country. Teaching without a work visa is illegal, but also quite common. In most countries around the world, it is not difficult to line up part-time English teaching jobs and find private students, Brazil is no exception.

If you decide to go the legal route, you will new to find a full-time employer willing and able to sponsor a work visa. The application process will have to be initiated by your future employer. The application must be done outside of Brazil. You will have to visit a Brazilian Embassy to complete the process. There are  visa agencies that will help you with the application and paperwork, for an extra fee of course.

You will have to submit the following documents together with the visa application:

  • valid passport
  • two completely filled VISA application forms
  • proof of residence
  • police record issued in your home country
  • two passport sized photos
  • non-refundable visa fee (US$100)
  • US residents, have to pay an additional US$130 fee
  • international immunization certificate against Yellow Fever
  • an interview may also be required.

The application is generally processed in a few weeks. You will have to enter Brazil within 90 days of date the visa was issued. If not, this work visa will expire and you will have to re-apply.

Brazilian work visas are multiple entry visas, so you will not need special permits to leave and re-enter the country like some countries.

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