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Teach English in Brazil - General Information
Teach English in Brazil

Brazil is known for for its soccer, fantastic scenery, beaches and great food. They also have the annual Brazil Carnival celebration, famous throughout the world. Brazil’s climate varies considerably across the vast nation but summers are great. A rich culture and great party environment make Brazil an exciting choice for prospective English teachers. Some detriments to teaching English in Brazil are the pollution and a high crime rate.

It is legally required to have a work visa to teach English in Brazil. However, most teachers choose to teach on tourist visas due to the difficulty of applying for a work visa. Many teachers just go to Brazil and find employment on their own. There are several English language publications, like the Buenos Aires Herald or the Caracas Daily Journal that advertise English teaching positions in South America.

Another option for native English speakers from US, Canada, and Great Britain is a cultural exchange program offered by IICA (Instituto de Intercambios e Cultura Americana). English teachers teach in host schools in exchange for a monthly allowance and and a homestay. This is a great way to learn the language and see how a real family lives. WorldTeach and Alliance Abroad also offer programs for volunteer English teachers in many countries, including Brazil.

Work visas can be difficult to get but they are not impossible. To get a work visa to teach English in Brazil you will need to find a school that is willing to sponsor you. It will take some time and money to legally teach in Brazil. The process is too tedious for many teachers, but it is the legal way.

The average salary of an English teacher in Brazil is between R$950 – 1100 (US$600- 700) per month. Teaching hours usually are usually early morning and evenings, to accomodate working professionals.

Most English students are business professionals. There is a growing demand for English lessons because of the increased trade with North America. The rampant inflation of the past has stabilized and Brazil’s economy is growing at a good pace. This is a good time to teach English in Brazil.

It is not necessary to have experience and training to teach English in Brazil, but it will increase your chances of finding higher paying and better quality English teaching positions. Also, learning Portuguese can help you in searching and finding a job.

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