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Teach English in Argentina - Cost of Living
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With most full-time EFL teachers earning around ARS1200-1700 (US$342-485) per month, it’s just as well that the cost of living in Argentina is relatively low. It’s not as low as some other countries in South America, such as Bolivia or Guatemala, but goods are generally much cheaper than those found in Europe and North America. It should also be taken into consideration that there is probably no other city in the world that will allow you to enjoy a European lifestyle on a budget comparable to Buenos Aires.

Accommodation is not generally provided for anything other than voluntary teaching positions but your employer will usually offer some assistance in finding a place to stay. Rental fees start at about ARS350 (US$100) for a room in a shared apartment. A small studio apartment will be beyond the budget of most new arrivals. It’s possible to find decent apartments costing around ARS1100 (US$314) per month, but most will be closer to ARS1400 (US$400).

Although these prices may seem a little high, apartments in Buenos Aires are generally fully furnished, with a kitchen and bathroom, air conditioning and will often come with an internet connection already installed. Monthly utilities are likely to cost around ARS200 (US$57). If your room doesn’t have an Internet connection, a broadband and cable connection costs ARS166 (US$47) per month.

Public transportation is very cheap in Argentina. A subway trip costs just ARS0.70-0.90 (US$0.20-0.26), while a bus ride is less than ARS1 within the city limits, or ARS3-5 (US$0.85-1.42) for trips into the suburbs. Long distance trips, to other parts of the country, will cost in the region of ARS210-315 (US$60-150). Taxis cost anywhere from ARS17-30 (US$5-8.50) within the city limits. Sometimes you can negotiate a lower fixed price if you are prepared to haggle, or make regular trips.

For gourmets, the great thing about Argentina is not only the wonderful Italian-influenced cuisine; meals are also extremely affordable. Even budget-conscious English teachers can eat out in a top class restaurant occasionally, where a 3-course dinner, including wine, can cost as little as ARS80 (US$23). A simpler, but nonetheless mouthwatering steak dinner costs around ARS15 (US$4.30) per person. International food is also relatively cheap. A large pizza costs around ARS5 (US$1.45) and a Big Mac set is ARS2.60 (US$0.74). A 1-litre bottle of beer at the grocery store costs just ARS7 (US$2), including the refund if you return the bottle. In bars, expect to pay around ARS3 (US$0.85) for a regular bottle of beer. Generally speaking, monthly expenses for groceries will be at least half of what you would pay in the United States.

All in all, though, on an average salary you should be able to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle, but don’t expect to have much extra money for savings or paying bills in your home country.

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