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Teach English in Costa Rica - Cost of Living
Teach English in Costa Rica

The typical hourly rate for English teachers in Costa Rica is about ¢4,000 (US$7) but may increase if you teach employees in big companies. Salaries in language institutions range from ¢192,000-¢384,000 (US$345-690) per month, depending on the number of working hours. This is generally 20-25 hours per week, but can be as few as 12 hours in some schools.

Compared to most western nations, it is fairly inexpensive to live in Costa Rica. The average price for a room in a shared apartment is about ¢83,360 (US$150). In major cities like San Jose rooms may cost closer to ¢150,000 (US$270), but will include an  internet connection, and a hot and cold shower. Utilities are quite cheap as well. Expect to pay about ¢13,500 (US$24) for electricity and water in a shared apartment with  2-3 people.

You can budget about ¢75,000 (US$135) for a month’s groceries and ¢50,000 (US$90) for entertainment including movies, dining out, drinks. A bottle of wine in an upper scale restaurant costs about ¢5,500 (US$9.99).  A case of the local Imperial beer,  is about  ¢5,100 (US$9). A 2.5 litre bottle of Coke is ¢928 (US$1.67), and a cup of Costa Rican gourmet coffee costs ¢1,400 (US$2.58).

A hamburger costs ¢850-1,900 (US$1.50-3.50) while sandwiches cost around ¢1,400 (US$2.50). Medium sized pizzas cost between ¢2,500-4,200 (US$4.50-8.40). A meal at McDonalds or KFC  costs about ¢2000-2500 (US$4-5).

Bus rides typically cost ¢25-50 (less than a dollar) if traveling within the suburbs. Traveling by bus to the farthest parts of the country would not cost more than ¢5,500 (US$10).

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