Taiwan Public Schools Need Certified Teachers for Academic Year 2015-2016 – Apply NOW!

Teach English Abroad

Teach English in Taiwan

CITY: Various cities
START DATE: July/August/September 2015
SALARY: NT$70,895/month (PhD), NT$67,925/month (MA), NT$60,890/month (BA)

Job Start in July/August/September 2015

JOB DETAILS : vary in accordance with the school
◦ School Location: Taiwan – Island-wide
◦ Contract term: one year, renewable
◦ Student’s age: 7~12 (Elementary school level) , 13~15 (Junior High School level)
◦ Monthly salary: NT$70,895/month (PhD), NT$67,925/month (MA), NT$60,890/month (BA).
◦ Monthly housing allowance: NT$5,000/month – single teacher, NT$10,000/month – teacher with dependent(s)
◦ Evaluation & Performance bonus – around one month salary
◦ Airfare Reimbursement for roundtrip tickets
◦ Nation laborer and health insurance available
◦ Paid vacation / Other paid national holidays
◦ Work permit & alien resident visa (ARC) provided
◦ Working Time: Monday to Friday; Size of class: 25~38 kids.
◦ Working hours: AM 08:30 ~ PM 16:30 or AM 08:00 ~ PM 16:00
◦ Curriculum: scenario teaching, practical conversation, EFL (collaborating- teaching involved) or Subjects or flexible

◦ Native English Speaker from the USA/ CA / UK / IRE / AUS / NZ / SA
◦ Bachelors degree + Teacher license/Teacher registration certificate
◦ Accepts valid substitute teaching license/Accepts Marriage ARC/Permanent ARC

Interested candidates may contact Dewey International Education Consultants, Ltd. with the following attachments:
Updated CV ( with photo, D.O.B., nationality, Skype ID information) , degree diploma, teacher license/substitute teaching license or MARC/APRC. Please include your date of availability.

E-MAIL ADDRESS: recruit02(at)de-wey.com.tw

Teach English in Taiwan (General Information)

If you are thinking about teaching English in a country with a rich culture and outstanding natural beauty, then consider working as an EFL (English as a Foreign Language) teacher in Taiwan. There are abundant teaching opportunities with the thousands of English schools in the region. Potential teachers are likely to land a job in no time upon arrival in Taiwan. Large numbers of teaching jobs are available in private and public schools as well as “cram school” type language centers. …  Read More

Teach English in Taiwan (Cost of Living)

Teaching English in Taiwan can be a great experience, and the cost of living is quite low. With an average monthly teacher’s salary of NT$62,352 (US$2000), you can easily save up to a thousand dollars per month. Hourly wages are typically around NT$500-700 (US$15-21). …  Read More

Teach English in Taiwan (Visa Requirements)

Legally, you need to have a resident visa permitting you to look for and accept jobs in Taiwan. So, it is advisable to look for work before entering the country. This will save you considerable time and hassle because your school will handle all of your paperwork and you will not have to leave the country again to get your visa status renewed. …  Read More

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