Skilled and Experienced ESL Teachers needed in France

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Teach English in France

START DATE: Currently recruiting
SALARY: Salary is between 1700 euros and 1800 euros

Currently recruiting, we are a team of positive people working together for a common goal. We seek and reward creative, results-driven individuals who are passionate about their work.

We offer dedicated professionals limitless opportunities to fulfil their own, personal aspirations.
If you are a skilled and experienced ESL teacher and would like to work in an innovative English training company we would like to hear from you.

You will be teaching between 20 and 25 hours per week business clients individually or in mini groups.
Your working week is 35 hours so the time remaining will be used as preparation time.
Should you be successful you will be given a high level of support to move to France such as in finding accommodation.
Salary is between 1700 euros and 1800 euros depending on experience.
The cost of living locally is quite low.
600€ per month should cover all of your major expenses such as rent (own flat) bills and food.
You will have 6 weeks of holidays during the year.

Teaching experience is essential.

You must get along well with professionals and be willing to work hard to ensure that you can deliver high quality tailor made lessons.

You need to be exceptional who accepts nothing less than success.

You must have a valid working permit for France to be considered. Please do not apply if you do not.

Should you feel you are the right person for the job please send your CV to [email protected] .

We will contact you should we be interested in discussing your application further.

Teach English in France (General Information)

France, with its colorful history and breath-taking architecture, is also the birthplace of some of the world’s most famous artists and writers. If you have a taste for elegant and refined cuisine, sophisticated culture, art, fashion, and some of the world’s finest wines, then France may be the place for you.

There are abundant museums and theaters, a vibrant music scene, and French people also have a passion for sports, with soccer being the most popular. …  Read More

Teach English in France (Cost of Living )

For an English teacher in France, salaries can vary considerably. Expect an average hourly rate between  €16-€18 (US$20-23) for freelance teachers in English institutions and public schools. For teachers with contracts, a fixed monthly salary will usually range between €1,300-€1,800 (US$1,600-2,300). About 20% or more will go towards taxes and health insurance. Private tutoring is not common but there are those who insist on having a one on one  English lessons.  Teachers normally ask about €30-35 (US$38-44) per hour. …  Read More

Teach English in France ( Visa Requirements )

EU citizens are freely permitted to live and work in France of course, but non-EU citizens will have to go through the strict French bureuacracy and weeks of paperwork preparation.

Non-EU teachers, must apply for a long term visa, otherwise known as “visa du long sejour” from their country of origin. With this, the teacher may travel to France to immediately start on the job. Upon arriving, you will need to undergo a medical examination through immigration. If you do not have any serious health problems, you will then be issued a “Residence card” or “carte de sejour”. …  Read More

Interviews with English Teachers in France

Teach English in France – Interview with Brad Patterson
Interview with Roni Weiss, teaching English in France.