Several Native English Teachers Wanted in Beijing city, China

Teach English Abroad

Teach English in China

CITY: Beijing city, China
START DATE: Before May, 2014
SALARY: RMB7000-12000

Job Description:
* Hiring Year Round
* English Training: Various Age Groups
* Advanced Teaching Facilities: computers, projectors, smart white boards, and excellent teaching materials relevant to teaching non-English speaking children
* Locations: Beijing

What We Offer:

Competitive Salary RMB7000-12000
* Ten Days Paid Professional Training in Beijing
* Accommodation provided during training
* 32Hour Work/Week: 3:30pm to 8:30pm Wednesday and Friday, 4:30pm-8:30pm 9:30am on Thursday, to 6:30pm Saturday and Sunday
* Housing allowance in Beijing, accommodation provided in other cities
* Monthly Incentive Package
* Airfare provided: after you fulfill your one year contract
* Personal Career Development Plan
* Comfortable working environment (desk and computer, free coffee and tea)
* Legal Documents: Visa provided
* Support and Communication between teachers and centers
* Holidays (New Year’s Day, Women’s Day, Tomb-sweeping Day, Labor Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Moon Festival, National Day, Spring Festivaletc.)

We also welcome applicants who don’t have bachelor degrees to apply for this position as long as you love to teach kids.

* Native English Speaker: from America, Canada, or the U.K., Austrilia, New Zealand, and Ireland
* BA Degree: or above (Education and Language degrees given top priority)
* TESOL or TEFL or CELTA certificate preferred
* Teaching Experience Preferred
* Must love working with children

Email: [email protected]

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