Sell everything and teach English abroad!

Teach English Abroad

Imagine yourself, a year from now, being very familiar with a faraway and rugged landscape. Then, imagine yourself, nearly fluent in a language you’ve never spoken. If this life sounds like one that you’ve always wanted, it may be time for you to pack up everything and move abroad to teach English.

At the Airport - Teach English Abroad

You can start by researching teach abroad programs and selling all of your stuff on sites like to earn some startup cash. Then, once you’ve gained your certification, you can reap these benefits of taking the leap.

Learn a new language.

Teaching English as a foreign language isn’t all about your native language. In fact, just living in a new place will require you to learn an entirely new language yourself. Not only will this give you a chance to do something interesting but it will also grant you a valuable perspective on language learning that you can incorporate into your job as a teacher.

Make yourself more marketable.

In hindsight, it sounds pretty cool to say that you’ve lived in another country, even if it’s only for a few months. But getting international experience doesn’t just make other people want to be your friend; it makes you a top contender for whatever jobs you pursue when you return to the States.

Immerse yourself in another culture.

Living abroad is full of romantic moments as you fall in love with a new place. But keep in mind that, from learning how to order food at a restaurant to having to explain what’s ailing you at a doctor’s office, learning to live in another place requires flexibility and a constant sunny outlook. It’s certainly a challenge, but it’s one that most people find to be an enjoyable one.

Develop people skills.

As an English teacher, your job is all about engaging students. No matter how much training you do in preparation for your job, or how detailed your class plans are, it’s an attractive element that your job will be based primarily on off-the-cuff conversations with students about everything from your family to the differences between the political systems in your native countries. It promises that, no matter where life takes you after your teaching abroad experience is complete, you’ll have vital conversational skills that can help you in almost any other situation.

Escape bleak job prospects.

If you’re still on the job market and can’t seem to find a position that is fulfilling and exciting, teaching abroad is a good way to escape unemployment. And depending on where you go, you may even be able to save money, which means that you can travel a little longer after your work arrangement has come to an end.