Teach English Abroad

Teach English in Poland

A perfect candidate would have the following teaching,managerial and co-managerial responsibilities:
Responsibilities related to teaching (20 weekly hours)
-working as a teacher with one of the school groups (aged 1-7)
-preparing a monthly curriculum and evaluations
-assuring the communication with the parents of your group
-collaborating with teachers of the group in Polish and Spanish or Chinese (as per school policy)
-participate in weekly meetings with the trilingual teachers’ team
Responsibilities related to independent management
-act as an advocate for the school
-create, maintain and promote a professional and positive image of the nursery, pre-school and elementary school in the international community
-participate and present the schools’ to new prospective Parents
-actively recruit nursery, pre-school and primary school children within the international community
-recruit the international teachers team
-conduct constant international research on new curriculum trends according to developmentally appropriate practices
Responsibilities of the day to day school function that are shared with with the School Principal
– manage the international teachers team
-plan and implement international curriculum standards in accordance with the requirements of the Polish educational law
-plan and participate in the organization of the international curriculum-based events in the pre-school and elementary school

-plan and participate in the organization of the promotional events for the pre-school and elementary school

-create and manage the marketing school’s plan

The school offers:

An initial renewable three years contract with competitive compensation and benefits package which is commensurate with experience and the responsibilities of the position.


Personal qualities:
-dynamic, enthusiastic and creative
-having effective communication skills and being a good “team player”
-considers challenges as a rewarding experience
-ready to relocate to Poland beginning from May/September 2014 for the next consecutive three years
professional qualities and experience:
-caring and approachable towards students, staff and community members
-commited educator with well-structured approach to our teaching values and clear set of educational goals
-having strong beliefs in multilingual and multicultural values
-viewing multilingual and multicultural education not merely as a profession but as a vocation
-having experience and positive records of collaborating leadership
-having at least two years experience working in a similar position in a school environment
-enjoy working in environment of teachers
-holding a degree in Early Childhood Education or a degree in education and having at least two years of experience working as a lead teacher in a day-care, pre-school or elementary school
Interested candidates should submit:
-cover letter expressing interest that details reasons for perceived fit
-current resume with education and related professional experience
-statement of philosophy of teaching and learning, leadership practice and style, and management of programs
-list of 3 references with names, phone numbers and e-mail addresses for each reference
Please sumbit this information the following e-mail address: [email protected]

Teach English in Poland (General Information)

In recent years, the demand for English teachers in Poland has been quite high and is continuing to grow. This is because most economic activites, business ventures and suchlike are generally conducted in English. Also, students who wish to take up business courses/careers, are required to take an English proficiency examination, administered by the government. Today, Poland is considered to be one of the largest market in the continent for EFL teachers. …  Read More

Teach English in Poland (Cost of Living)

Compared to many other European countries, Poland is a relatively cheap country in which to live. Teaching English in Poland offers an excellent opportunity to experience authentic European culture, cuisine and lifestyle. While the salary is not lucrative, the experience is definitely worth the stay. …  Read More

Teach English in Poland (Visa Requirements)

To legally teach English in Poland, most foreign nationals need a work permit and a residence visa. However, EU citizens no longer need permits or visas. Residents of some nations, which have a special agreement with Poland, are allowed to visit the country for a maximum of 90 days without a visa but will have to obtain a work permit to engage in employment. …  Read More