Recruiting Experienced English Teachers in Mongolia

Teach English Abroad

Teach English in Mongolia

CITY: Ulaanbaatar
SALARY: salary of 1 million and 200 thousand tugriks

-round way air tickets
-visa and work permit
-1 bedroom apartment (fully furnished) (electric and water bills are taken care of by the school each month)
-salary of 1 million and 200 thousand tugriks (after tax) Please note that Mongolia has a relatively cheap cost of living, and you would not spend any of your salary on housing.
-Paid vacations during the 4 school semester holidays

-Native speaker of English
-2 years of teaching experience
-BA degree or above
-TESOL or TEFL certificate would be a plus
-Positive and outgoing personality, quick adjustment to the new work environment (working with our Mongolian staff) and someone who is passionate about teaching

submit your resume, copy of your passport and your most recent photo to the following email address : [email protected]