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Teach English in Portugal
Teach English in Portugal

Teach English in Portugal (General Information)

Have you ever considered teaching English in Portugal? For many non-Europeans, it’s perhaps a country that is less familiar than some of its near neighbors, yet it is endowed with an equally fascinating and colorful history. The capital, Lisbon, is situated on the long Atlantic coastline to the west, while numerous Mediterranean resorts can be found in the southern Algarve region. It’s rich culture and national heritage have been well preserved, and Portugal is blessed with a climate that is largely characterized by hot summers and mild winters. …  Read More 

Teach English in  Portugal (Cost of Living)

The cost of living in Portugal is relatively low compared to most other Western European countries. Total living costs for a single person are likely to be around €500-600 (US$635-760) per month, so one can easily get by on a monthly salary of €1,000. Of course, this will depend where you live, the way you shop and how often you eat out. …  Read More 

Teach English in  Portugal (Visa Requirements)

For British and Irish teachers, it couldn’t be simpler to go and work in Portugal. Upon receiving a job offer they are automatically entitled to a Temporary Residence Permit which allows them to stay in the country for more than 90 days, or the duration of their contract. To obtain this permit, you need to submit your passport, 2 photos and a declaration from your employer stating the likely period of employment to the Immigration and Border Control Department (Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras). A tourist visa is not required for EU-citizens, so many travel directly to Portugal to find work and get the lay of the land. …  Read More