Passionate and Professional Teachers for American School in Mexico

Teach English Abroad

Teach English in Mexico

CITY: Chiapas
START DATE: December 2014-January 2015
SALARY: $9,500.00 pesos plus $5,714.00 pesos house allowance (before tax)

Necessary abilities:

ºCreative, enthusiastic, responsible, flexible, charismatic, energetic.



Duration of contract: 1 year starting December 2014-January 2015 (Contract can be extended after one year)

ºWorking hours : 8 hours per day

ºHealth insurance and house allowance.

ºPaid vacations

ºSalary: $9,500.00 pesos plus $5,714.00 pesos house allowance (before tax)

ºRoundtrip airfare reimbursement

ºInternational Baccalaureate Courses

ºAMEXOCAOBI Accreditation Benefits*

Once all documents have been received, we will contact you by phone or email for an interview arrangement.

To apply for a visa, you need to present a recent apostilled degree.


Passionate and responsible teacher with genuine interest in education of young students, who think of teaching English as a profession not a pastime.

– Bachelor’s Degree or higher degree

– Teachers with Bachelor of Education, and Teaching 2-3 (two to three) years experience preferred.

Education Background according to position:

ºBachelor in Education and/or State Teaching Certification

ºBachelor in Computer Science or/and English Teacher Certification

ºBachelor in Biology and English Teacher Certification


send a Cover Letter, Resume with recent sized picture, via email to: [email protected]